Gas South: Mr. Meter

Short animations made for Gas South's social media, provided with a rigged character. 
Made with Maya and After Effects

Freelance Work
Art directors: Shane Altman and Gaelle Gachelin  

Agency: The Richards Group

Gunner Roofing Website Video

Video made to illustrate an online “Roofing Estimator” tool, starting with a nasty old roof, scanning it, and then building on a shiny new one.

Responsible for all aspects (sans the puchased base house model)
Made with C4D and After Effects

Freelance work
Agency: Click Here Labs

Richards Group Agency Profile Video

To illustrate how the agency had grown and changed their clients’ businesses, I was tasked with highlighting key numbers related to each brand and making them into 3D scenes. For example: With smart sepnding, Chick-Fil-A’s business outclassed the competition while only being open 6 days a week

Made in C4D and After Effects
Art directors: Jeff Hopfer and David Eastman
Agency: The Richards Group

Raytheon Video Presentation 

These are excepts from a interactive video presentation for Raytheon. 

Responsible for 3D elements and motion graphics

Full credits in vimeo

Agency: Click Here Labs


Video Works

Shiner “Weiss N’ Easy” Social Videos

Production Director, Fabrication, Hand Model, and Compositing
Full credits in Vimeo
Agency: The Richards Group

7UP Digital Bartender

An ad made to show off how the “Digital Bartender” app makes cocktails easy.
I was thirsty the whole day.  

Production Director, Compositing, and Motion Graphics
Agency: Click Here Labs